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Taste of Tokyo at SUSHI ANABA

In the year of pandemic, it is almost impossible to travel anywhere in the world. Most of the countries have implemented lockdown and enforced strict regulations in order to stop the spreading of COVID-19. However, in Copenhagen, it’s still allowed to go out to a restaurant. I took this opportunity to explore and experience a traditional Japanese Edomae Sushi restaurant, named Sushi Anaba.

I heard about Sushi Anaba from my friend and my colleague, but I haven’t had a chance back then, because it’s pricy, and it’s difficult to get a seat. The restaurant opens 4 days per week, 2 rounds per day, and 8 seats per round. Luckily, I earned some profit from my blockchain investment via Coinbase and managed to secure 2 seats on Saturday at 4 pm.

On Saturday, we arrived in front of Sushi Anabe around 4 pm, but we didn’t get in immediately, because we could not find a parking lot. We were told that the parking lot located at the red building near the restaurant. We got in slightly later than 4 pm, and it’s not too long before Mads, the sushi chef started to serve the first dish.

The restaurant offers 2 options for beverages which are alcohol and non-alcohol. We went for the non-alcohol option, which was a variety of teas and fermented juices. The others went for the alcohol option, so they had many kinds of Sake. Good for them!

We were fed continuously from 4 pm to 6:30 pm. Mads and his crews served us with different kinds of sushi, salads, soup, and ended the meal with a sweet omelet. The ingredients are extremely fresh and of high quality. We also heard about Mads’ stories of being a Sushi chef and his life in Japan. I personally took a lot of pictures and videos while we were dining. When Mads made sushi, it’s like we were watching a show. I simply cannot stop starring at it.

Besides the high-quality food, what I like about Sushi Anaba is the minimalism and detail-oriented. The interior design is Japanese in the heart but mixed with Scandinavian style. Mads and his crews all dress in traditional sushi coats. Most of their dinnerware and kitchen equipment made in Japan. They have a traditional Japanese style room, a tatami room, behind the sushi bar if you want to relax. They even have a Japanese smart toilet–the most astonishing choice of their decoration. I used it twice and I approve of it! Another component of their interior design is their restaurant playlist, which matches very well with the food, the light, and their style. It really shows their carefully thought and attentiveness.

We all left the restaurant before 7 pm. We saw that there were a few customers for the next round were waiting outside the restaurant. We came back home with full stomach like we went to Noma–it’s such an unforgettable experience.

Here is how to contact Sushi Anaba
Address: Sandisk 39, Copenhagen
Tel.: +45 6161 5186
Email: anaba@sushianaba.com
Website: https://www.sushianaba.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sushianaba

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