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April 18 is International Monuments Day in Greece which, luckily for us, means free admission to all ancient sites, including the Acropolis. Now, we could claim that we had planned this in advance as a cost saving measure, but that would be lying. We were in fact quite baffled when the lady at the ticket counter handed us a pair of tickets before we had reached for our wallets. Only much later in the day did we realize the reason for our incredible luck.

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After a bumpy landing, we jumped on a bus and headed to our hotel. A ticket costs EUR 6.00 and lasts for 3 hours. More than enough time to make it to our stop—even if the bus didn’t exactly follow the route suggested by Google Maps. Missing the mark by a few blocks, we had a five-minute walk back before arriving at the hotel. Just in time before lightning and thunder struck.

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