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This is the first time that we visited Australia. We have obligation to visit Thailand every winter because of friends and family. This time, we try to squeeze the Australia trip to our winter vacation. It is not that easy because there are many places in Australia that we would like to explore. However, we were limited by time. We, thus, decided to see something extraordinary that we can only see in Australia, suit our preferences and budget. At the same time, we have time to visit with friends and family in Bangkok. We came up with below itinerary, which brings us joy.

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This summer is not only the longest and warmest since I have been in Denmark, it’s also the longest and warmest on record. We have had weeks and weeks of temperatures hovering around 30°C. Like in Southern Europe, many people choose to stay inside away from the scorching heat during the daytime. However, I choose to explore whenever I get the chance. This weekend my friends told me about the Viking Festival at Trelleborg Castle, the best preserved of the seven known Viking ring castles in Denmark.

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