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Copenhagen Sakura Festival

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to visit the Copenhagen Sakura Festival. As the name suggests, it’s the time of the year when the Sakura trees blossom. There were so many activities going on. See the program at the official page http://www.sakurafestival.dk/

Japanese culture has always fascinated me. Especially the food culture. At the festival there was a Japanese tea ceremony for people to take part in. There was a long queue, though, so I passed up the chance to join the fun.   This year the weather was on our side; sunny and no wind. While walking around the festival site, a friend texted me asking to meet up at the food stalls behind the main stage. So I walked across the site to meet him.    I waited for a while at the food stalls, but I didn’t see any of my friends. I therefore decided to buy myself a sesame ice cream as I was getting thirsty just to cool myself down from the heat. For my boyfriend, I bought shaved ice with syrup and condensed milk.    The shaved ice cost DKK 25.00 or USD 5.00 and wasn’t really worth it, according to my boyfriend. He said it tasted good at first, but once you finished the top layer of syrup and condensed milk, which happened fast, it had the taste of a plain ice cube.    My sesame ice cream cost DKK 35.00 or USD 7.00 and was surprisingly tasty! In fact, it was probably the best piece of food I’ve had so far at any Sakura festival.    Besides the refreshments, I bought a classic Japanese curry dish with rice for take away. It cost DKK 65 or USD 13. It’s become sort of a tradition; if I join the festival, I got to have one.    After a while I received a new message from my friends. They had now walked to the other end of the site. As it was too crowded anyway, I gave up meeting them.    I continued walking around and went to a candy shop. And look what I got! OREO bits with Matcha latte filling. It costs DKK 20 or USD 4. Weeeee 🙂

After finishing my sesame ice cream I continued to walk the festival grounds. There were lots of people on that day. Seemingly, the number of participants increases dramatically each year. Still, everybody seems to enjoy it all. Including me. Among annual events happening here in Copenhagen, this is always the one I’m looking most forward to.

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