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Revisiting Noma Restaurant

Noma Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in the world. Two years ago,  I (Nok) had a long dinner lasting from 7pm until midnight with Christian, my boyfriend. We almost rolled back home after that experience and were both unable to eat anything for another day.

Today, I revisited Noma. This time for a five-hour lunch session. And this time with Noki. Convincing me to join her, obviously, wasn’t difficult. Our common-table seats were booked a month in advance.

Here are some tips about booking a seat. If you don’t mind sitting with strangers, getting seats at a common-table is the quickest way to secure a reservation. If, however, you prefer to have your own table, you stand a better chance by booking (and going) as a group of 4 or 6 people. The best time for online reservations is around 10:00am-12:00am CET as designated staff is waiting to receive your requests during those hours.

Welcome to Noma

I left my office before noon and walked to Noma. On my way there, I took a few shots since the weather was so nice. I arrived there just before lunch.   When I arrived at Noma I was greeted by the staff at the entrance. Then, I was guided to a common table on the second floor where I was served a glass of water. Price of the water, including unlimited refill, was a “mere” DKK 50 per person (USD 10 USD or EUR 7 approx.).   When everyone had arrived we were introduced to today’s menu and mention was made of an optional small tour after lunch. At the time of booking, people were kindly informed to let the staff know of any possible food restrictions and allergies as well as asked to choose between either a wine or a juice menu. This time we chose juice menu which cost DKK 600 (120 USD or 80 EUR approx.) per person.

Starters 1

Of the food we had this day, the starters were by far my favourite. Since the starters were served one after the other, we had to be quick in both eating and taking pictures. Luckily, as women, our multi-tasking skills a highly developed 😉 Below are the first starters we had. Besides “umami”, it’s difficult to describe the flavour of each dish.

Starters 2

Considering the number of starters, I kept on asking the waiters and chefs for the main course as I was afraid of getting full before it was served. Below are more starters.

Anyway, the main advantage of lunching at Noma — as opposed to having dinner there — is that you will have more time to digest the food before going to bed. Moreover, you almost cannot eat anything on the next day 😉

Juice Menu

Organic ingredients are the principles of Noma dining. Not just the food but also juices and wines must come from trusted organic sources. Juices are made from in-season fruits and vegetables and are organically grown in the Nordic region. Juices also play a role in terms of enriching the flavours of the food.

Main course

One of the unique things about Noma is that its chefs come to your table and serve the food for you. So during a short break between starters, the head chef came to our table and showed us a huge piece of lamb, explaining that he had started cooking the lamb around 45 minutes before our arrival at the restaurant and that this would be our main course.

Neither Noki nor myself are big fans of lamb. Noki doesn’t like lamb in general, as she says, because of its smell. Luckily, I can eat everything.

The lamb was cooked at a low temperature for a long period of time so the meat had become tender and juicy. It was absolutely amazing. Surely the most delicious piece of lamb I have ever had!


People say that you can really taste the flavours of your food if you cut off some sugar when you cook. It seems that belief also applies to desserts at Noma. Unconventional as they were, we couldn’t really distinguish the desserts from the starters.   After the desserts, we were asked whether we were interested in having coffee or tea. We said yes to that. Since our lunch time was almost over, we had to rush.   Tea and coffee was served with some sweet treats. Coffee and tea cost DKK 75 (USD 15 or EUR 9 approximately) per person.

Kitchen tour

Before we left the head chef showed us around the kitchen and cooking lab.   We saw other chefs were cleaning the kitchen after they were done with our lunch.  It was five minutes tour before we ran out. Each of us paid DKK 2,325 per person (USD 465 or EUR 290 approximately) which included lunch menu DKK1600, juice menu DKK 600, coffee/tea DKK 75, and water DKK 50. The price sounds crazy, I know, but we actually think it was worth every penny.

Note that I have no affiliation with Noma restaurant.

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