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Authentic Thai Seafood in Copenhagen

Since arriving in Copenhagen more than 8 years ago, I have found that the number of Thai restaurants has increased dramatically. Unlike in most European cities, Thai food in Copenhagen is very close to what you can get in Thailand. Noki and I never get tired of Thai food. We are always on the look-out for the next great Thai place. So this week we went to the newly established MD Cafe & Restaurant. We certainly agree that this place serves superbly delicious authentic Thai food. And at reasonable prices too.

MD Cafe & Restaurant just opened in May 2014. The restaurant is located in Amager in the Southern part of Copenhagen, a few minutes walk from Lergravsparken metro station. Compared to the city centre, this area is rather quiet.   Decoration in the restaurant is simple and sparse, yet clean and stringent. Our table was reserved in a private zone. There were a few customers already when we arrived. Mostly Thai. Based on my personal experience, that’s is a good sign.   We ordered Kha Moo German (ขาหมูเยอรมัน) a.k.a. crispy pork leg and Kimchi served with Sriracha sauce and seafood sauce, Koong Pao (กุ้งเผา) a.k.a. roasted giant tiger prawns served with seafood sauces, Pla Thod Chae Nam Pla (ปลาทอดแช่น้ำปลา) a.k.a. crispy fish in fish sauce served with mango salad, and Poh Tak (โป๊ะแตก) a.k.a. Thai-spicy soup with seafood and mixed Thai herbs.   We were quite impressed that you can get such authentic Thai food in Denmark. The combination of textures, flavours, aroma and presentation of each dish would easily lure us into thinking that we were eating out somewhere in Thailand.   The owner of the restaurant, Khun Dor, who was keen to tell about the place, let us know that more than 70 % of the customers are Thai people, both locals from Copenhagen and out-of-towners.  The restaurant’s chef was recently flown in from Thailand where he had won a prominent cooking competition in 2013.   The restaurant is already expanding too, knocking down the walls to the adjacent building. When completed, the restaurant will be able to accommodate more than a 100 guests.   The restaurant offers various seafood dishes. They are very delicious and good quality. It is possible to order dishes outside the menu, as well, if you place the order at least one day in advance.   When we were done eating — which left us feeling delightfully stuffed — we went to the kitchen to compliment the chef. Khun Dor told us that his chef had recommended to him that a friend of his from Thailand who had won a similar-type cooking competition this year come work in his restaurant. A hiring which would translate into an even more varied selection of food in the future. Safe to say, we will visit the restaurant again to see for ourselves.   We had 4 dishes, a bowl of jasmine rice, 2 Thai ice coffees, 2 Thai ice teas and a big bottle of water. It cost around DKK 600 (USD 105 or EUR 80), which is quite affordable by Danish standards. We therefore strongly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for authentic Thai food at reasonable prices. Especially for seafood lovers, this restaurant is heaven.

Note 1: The reviewers have no affiliation with MD Cafe & Restaurant.
Note 2: If you are not convinced about the food, see more pictures below. Please feel free to show these pictures when you order the food if you would like to try our favourite menu.

MD Cafe & Restaurant
Kastrupvej 6
2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: 32 58 98 99

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