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Copenhagen Kimchi Festival

 This weekend, we went to Korean food festival at Torvehallerne, Copenhagen. Besides tasting many nice Korean food, we got recipes for making Kimchi, Tteokbokki, Bulgogi and Bibimbap.  Don’t be surprised if our blog starts to have Korean recipes 😉
I believed this is the first Korean food festival in Copenhagen. Based on my experience, this festival is very successful. There were many people participated, mostly Korean and Asian. I saw a group of Danish teenage girls singing K-pop while they were preparing food. Wow, K-pop is coming to Europe now.

After tasting many food, I recommend you to try Seed Hoddeok, Korean sweet stuffed pancakes with brown sugar syrup and sunflower seeds. See https://www.facebook.com/Seedhoddeok. I talked to the owner while he was preparing the pancake for me. Initially he had only sweet Hoddeok, i.e. sunflower seed and honey. Then he introduced Kimchi Hoddeok. All the sudden it becomes a big hit. Since Kimchi Hoddeok sold out before my turn, I asked him whether I can buy Kimchi and stuff it in myself. He laughed and told me that unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. His Kimchi filling is more that just Kimchi. He revealed that his Kimchi filling is the mix of glass noodles, spring onions, and kimchi that were marinated for some time until the flavours mingle well together. Not so long, my Seed Hoddeok was ready. Well, the shape looks like American burger more than European pancake… never mind, don’t bother about the shape; let’s taste! The dough is more chewy than regular white Chinese bun, but has the similar consistency as Japanese Mochi with a twist of grilled texture. The filling is the combination of melted brown sugar and sunflower seeds that get along very well with the dough. Yummy! Especially when the hoddeok is served with a warm cup of ginseng tea, they complements each other taste very well. After I came to this Korean food festival, I just realised how refreshing it is when the ginseng tea is mixed with a bit of Korean orange marmalade and served warm.

While I was in the queue, I met our Korean friend who just moved to Copenhagen. We chitchatted a bit and planned to meet up soon. Maybe cooking Korean food… who knows?

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