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Jaunting for Flat Bread

This summer is not only the longest and warmest since I have been in Denmark, it’s also the longest and warmest on record. We have had weeks and weeks of temperatures hovering around 30°C. Like in Southern Europe, many people choose to stay inside away from the scorching heat during the daytime. However, I choose to explore whenever I get the chance. This weekend my friends told me about the Viking Festival at Trelleborg Castle, the best preserved of the seven known Viking ring castles in Denmark.

We drove from Copenhagen toward the west of Zealand. Along the way we made a pitstop at a Tesla fast-charging station to charge the car and to stack up on supplies for the trip. To prevent dehydration while walking around the castle grounds, we bought ourselves plenty of bottles of water.

When we arrived at the festival, we almost couldn’t find a parking spot. Little did we know that this festival is quite a big deal, attracting people not only from Denmark, but also from nearby countries such as Germany and Poland.

We strolled along the viking village which for two weeks had been home to more than a thousand pretend-vikings from near and far. There were many shops with canvas tents authentically decorated just like in the Viking ages. From the one and only food stall, we tried flatbread with grilled lamb. The bread was freshly made and heated on an iron stove just like in the good old days. Chunks of grilled lamb was wrapped in the bread which made it easy for us to carry around. Keeping things simple, salt was the only seasoning used to garnish the lamb. It was in fact tastier than it sounds.

The limited number of food stalls this year, I believe, can be attibuted to the aforementioned heat wave, which places tougher restrictions on open fires and cooking in open spaces. Obviously, no one wants to be responsible for starting a wildfire in the dry heat.

On the other side of village the vast fortress is located. It’s an empty field fully exposed to the sun. We kept drinking water but after 3 hours hunger kicked in and we decided to head back to Copenhagen.

Safely back in the city, we went to Kødbyen (the meat packing district) to grab a bite from Hija de Sanchez. Founded by Rosio Sanchez in 2015, this Mexican food truck was recently named best street food stall in Europe. We were impressed with its authentic tortillas, corn sticks and avocado popsicles. Their corn tortillas were made from scratch.

I thought it was a funny coincidence that for this trip we started the day with Viking flatbread and ended the day with Mexican flatbread.

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