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Favourites of 2014

As I always say, good food comes from good ingredients. Since I have tried a variety of products and brands this past year, I know what is good in terms of taste and value for money.  Here are my favourite picks.

Best Sour Cherries in Syrup of 2014 goes to  Amarena Toschi frutto & sciroppo. Product of Italy. These cherries are an ideal garnish for the Danish Christmas classic “ris a la mande” (sweet rice pudding with vanilla and whipped cream). This costs DKK60 or USD10 per jar.

Best Chai Tea of 2014 goes to Decaf India Spice Chai Tea. Product of USA. It is easy for me to control the amount of sugar and cream in the beverage when I make my own cup of Chai Tea. Since it is decaffeinated tea, it is the best for night time use. This costs DKK23 or USD4 for a box of 20 tea bags.

Best Can Coconut Milk for Cooking of 2014 goes to Aroy-D coconut milk. Product of Thailand. One great technique for cooking any coconut milk curry dish is to make the oil from coconut milk float up during boiling. As far as I know, this specific label of coconut milk from Aroy-D is a special edition which is available for a limited time only. This costs DKK12 or USD2 per can.

Best Oyster Flavoured Sauce of 2014 goes to Panda Brand’s Oyster Flavoured Sauce. Product of China. This is an ideal all-purpose sauce for stir-frying and marinating. Adding any additional seasoning sauce seems unnecessary when using this sauce. This costs DKK25 or USD4 for one bottle of 510g.

Best Can Pickled Vegetable for Cooking of 2014 goes to Pigeon Brand’s Fermented Mustard Green. Product of Thailand. This is an ideal fermented mustard green for cooking. Pickled or fermented vegetables originate from East Asia. I always have pickled or fermented vegetables at home. I often use them in my own recipes, for example, salted pickled mustard with Thai dressing or sour curry with salmon fillets, salmon roes and fermented mustard green. This costs DKK12 or USD2 for a can of 250g.

These are the best products for cooking in my opinion. If you like this review, please let me know by commenting below. I would like to hear your opinion.

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