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Chia Seeds Guidelines

When I was traveling with friends last year, I saw one of them adding chia seeds to his breakfast. I started to question, what’s this thing? I saw it in supermarkets before. I didn’t know what it was, but it’s crazy expensive comparing to the other seeds in the section. My friend was so kind enough to explain about it. Later he sent me the guidelines. I think it’s useful information and would be beneficial to you guys. I would like to thanks him in this post again.

“… I normally take chia seeds about 1 table spoon in my breakfast. I put it in yogurt as soon as I wake up and then I go to get ready and meanwhile they get a bit soft. Then I eat.
You can put in your orange juice too. If coffee or tea, please don´t put it in high heat because then it loses some of the nutrients. Never cook with it because most omega dies. If you take it at night, you can´t sleep well. When you first take you might feel hungry before lunch, but thats just a sign that the chia is expanding and being digested in your stomach. Instead drink more fluids or fruits if you feel more hungry than normal after taking chia seeds. It is very anti ageing and has more than 6 times benefits than all kind of berries. And chia is cheaper than berries. (It is a secret. All yoga teachers eat it. They eat 2 or 3 tablespoons because they work with their body all day. Because they want to eat less but have more energy, so they take chia.) It has more benefits than 20 eggs and of course you don´t get the cholesterol. Chia seed has a lot of fiber so you may feel that your poo is getting a bit different. It’s so perfect food. My tip is if you feel dizzy and hungry after taking chia seeds, you are not really hungry, but thirsty because it absorbs the water in your body. So keep drinking some water or eat fruits. 🙂 In 3 or 4 weeks you will be used to chia seeds 🙂 …”

I have tried adding chia seeds in my morning yogurt for a few months now. So far I haven’t experienced any side effect. For me, it’s just a topping that gives extra texture to my yogurt. If you give it a try, let me know how it goes. I really like to hear from you guys.


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