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Visit Santa Barbara

From Solvang we continued on to Santa Barbara where we arrived early in the evening. We stayed in Santa Barbara for two days, leaving us enough time to try out different foods and desserts. The further south we drove, the warmer we felt. And in such heat my go-to comfort food is ice-cream. So we headed for Pinkberry on State Street. I know Pinkberry from a good friend of mine who we visited in New York a few years back. At that time, the concept of serving yogurt ice-cream with toppings of your own choosing had not yet been introduced in Denmark. Now, it’s everywhere. But I still prefer Pinkberry… my love at first taste 🙂

We continued our stroll downtown and stopped by at Jeannine’s American Bakery and Restaurant on the corner of La Arcada. The place was pretty packed. And as a rule of thumb, that’s usually an indication that the food is good since so many local people fill the tables. Being in America, we went for burgers as we felt that should be a great and safe choice. It took a while for the burgers to be served. I didn’t mind, though, since I had a delicious glass of fresh orange juice to quench my thirst. When our burgers arrived we had eventually built up a serious appetite making us finish the meal in no time. These gourmet burgers were heaven. I would really recommend this place if you have a chance to visit Santa Barbara. Aside from Pinkberry, we also visited Yogurtland and had a 600 gram ice-cream with topping. Unlike Pinkberry, Yogurtland allows you to choose and mix everything yourself. Taste wise, I personally, find that Pinkberry is superior to Yogurtland. Plus, it’s cheaper. By a stroke of luck we suddenly found ourselves at the local farmers’ market. We we walking around downtown when suddenly the main street had changed into a market place. There were lots of cars and farmers setting up shop in the middle of the street. The variety of products and especially the selection of chemical-free and organic products impressed us a lot. And even if we did not buy anything, we enjoyed walking along the street absorbing the laid-back atmosphere. On the last day at Santa Barbara, we had dinner at Ahi Sushi Japanese Restaurant. We ordered Takoyaki, Gyoza and the signature dish, deep fried sushi with a twist of Mexican flavours. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t find the fusion sushi anywhere near as tasty as the good old, authentic sushi. However, the freshness of the ingredients and the difference of textures I did appreciate.

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